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  • Bruce ·
    Hello Hein. I have received your roof vent adapter for Promaster. I had thought from various posts and videos that this was a two piece (interior and exterior) gasket. Only one (exterior) was shipped. I assume that that is what you intended and will be sufficient for Maxxair deluxe install? Also assuming that self tapping screws plus sealant you recommend will keep it in place? I am not finishing off the interior roof (ceiling) at present though may do so in future, leaving options open there. This is kind of an evolving project.

    Thinsulate insulation is on its way from you expected sometime this week.

    Thanks for your help.
    Annie ·
    Hello Hein,

    I'm picking up a Promaster 136" low roof van in a couple of weeks and need to start figuring out insulation. I'll be using Polyiso for the floor, but am leaning towards Thinsulate for the walls, ceiling, and odd bits. The van has factory rear door and slider windows, and I'll be adding a CRL window on the driver's side opposite the slider.

    When you have a moment, would you give me an idea of how much I should order, and which product(s) would be best?

    Thank you!
    pterodactylptro ·
    Hi, Hein. Is the SM400L ideal for sewing between curtains or is it overkill? I'm researching different options for separating the cab area from the house and am looking at making thick curtains.
    edolescent ·

    I have a new ProMaster 2500 136" tall and need to insulate before winter. You sell 3M Thinsulate SM600L for sale by the foot, as I understand it. I live in Hillsboro and really want to make a trip to Hood River (possibly also beer related). Are you available for cash and carry this week?

    Ed Ohlmann
    Blueskywood ·
    Hello Hein
    A friend of mine in Idaho recommend your gasket for a fo of vent could you contact me how to acquire one .
    MoldAvoider ·
    I'm interested in a sample of Thinsulate. I've sent a private message to you with my address, but I don't think you've seen it.
    Hein ·
    We don't currently ship to Australia but would be willing to do so if you can find an international shipping service here in the US. We would ship to them and then they would work with you (at your expense) for the remainder of the transport.
    Andre Junior ·
    Hi Hein,
    My name is Andre and am writing from Sydney Australia.
    I am unable to find the 3M thinsulate SM600 in OZ, and was wondering if you would ship it over? If not would you be able to advise of a company or online store that could?
    Thanks for your time!
    ps: you can reach me on [email protected] if easier!
    ShaunB ·
    Hi there, I've been researching insulation methods for my upcoming Promaster conversion. It appears that you are the guy to go to for 3M SM 600L Thinsulate. I'm in Canada (Ontario) and fear that the cost of shipping is going to be very expensive. What is your experience selling to Canadians? I'm planning on getting a PM 3500 Ext with very few windows (only two CRL's on front sides). I also plan to use the Thinsulate to improve the insulation in the cab doors and ceiling. How much would I need to order and how much would it cost.

    proeddie ·

    I can't find the thread, but I remember you showing a trim set that would be used to allow a fan install in the grooves of the PM roof.

    Could a set be made to used to install a sunroof in the back of the PM? 15" x 30" ?

    Please advise at: [email protected]
    mofg ·

    Are you the same individual that goes by the name Hein on the sprinter forums? Hopefully you are - I wanted to ask you if you are making the roof rack towers for the Promaster. If so, I would be very interested in the product.
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