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  1. Portable Goal Zero System?

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    I use a Inergy Kodiak. Very happy with it.
  2. I suck at installing windows

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    The upfitter supplied it but this is what it is. https://www.dkhardware.com/universal-non-contoured-horizontal-sliding-window-25-1-4-x-16-3-4-with-2-1-4-trim-ring-vw8249-product-24677.html
  3. I suck at installing windows

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Over Thanksgiving week I had Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles install my window, not cheap but what upfitters are. Bottom line is I was willing to pay... probably too much but I didn't have to do it. Cost me a little more because they cut out my factory panel to match along with building an...
  4. 136 wb build....

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Can't tell you how many times after the fact I thought why didn't I order the 159 instead of my 136. However, after almost every trip, the last one being 6 days in the Smoky Mountains over Thanksgiving I was glad I had the 136. It was so much easier to park and maneuver in areas that were packed...
  5. Fan-tastic Fan Install - who?

    He's doing our window install on 20th. He does seem a bit pricey but they all are. I've seen a lot of his work and for something as permanent as a big hole in the side of my new van I'd prefer to pay for someone who knows what they are doing. Drop it off in the morning... no window. Pick it up...
  6. Fan-tastic Fan Install - who?

    Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles is in Asheville, NC. They are doing a sliding window install for me.
  7. Rhino-Rack vs. Vantech

    Appearance and Body
    Thanks for all the great info. After much searching and reading, think I'm going to hang my hat on these. Only need two, seems like a decent price. https://www.rackwarehouse.com/vantech-h3-2-bar-dodge-ram-promaster-ladder-racks.html
  8. Rhino-Rack vs. Vantech

    Appearance and Body
    Looking to put a roof rack on my 136" HT to mount a solar panel or two. Any thoughts between the two? Thx!
  9. PM can really take a lick.

    Ram Promaster Videos
    Not sure if you'll have seen this but here it is anyway.
  10. Carried away with Plastidip

    Appearance and Body
    Looks great. I did the rockers on my 2013 Jeep Wrangler 4 door when I first bought it, 45k miles later when I traded it for the Promaster they still looked new. Been thinking about doing a few areas on my PM as well.
  11. Grey water tank or drain out?

    Promaster Builds and Conversions
    Gray or black water, I just dump it wherever I happen do be. What's a little beef stew on the ground between friends.
  12. How Much Solar is Enough?

    Lipos don't have that same limitation and that's what's internal to the Kodiak. As far as the AGM, that's true. In this case the Kodiak manages the charge and discharge of the AGM. It's recommended that once an AGM has been "mated" to the Kodiak it's left that way and not used for other purposes.
  13. How Much Solar is Enough?

    Here's our deal. We run a Inergy Kodiak (90ah lipo internal) with a 100Ah AGM hanging on it. We're powering a Dometic CFX50W fridge, Maxxair roof fan, desk fan, 19" TV/DVD and misc device charging needs. In hot weather we pretty much have both fans running constantly. I can go about two days...
  14. A/C throttles back.

    Great answers, thank you. I was afraid it was one of those never heard of that or you must be crazy things. :D
  15. A/C throttles back.

    Had something interesting happen today on the way home. Was about 93 today while cruising down the highway and I had the A/C fan blasting about 3/4 on the coldest setting. All of a sudden it sounded like it throttled back to a lower fan speed. Seemed like it was still blowing cold air but not at...