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    "You don’t seem to understand
    I am a moderator of this site and I don’t need new members insulting comments like yours. I can and should ban you from the forum permanently for YOUR rude and ignorant remarks and if you keep it up, I shall.

    I was actually trying to help you but you do not seem sharp enough to even understand that. In the future please keep your ignorance about the forum and other members to yourself!"

    The above message was sent to me by keeponvanning after I called him out for making a rude comment on my van thread, which he did delete. This is not the behavior of a moderator, but the petty actions of an abuser taking advantage of his position. Threatening the new member with banning after being called out for such behavior and deleting the thread to either cover up their own culpability or in a fit of pique is the very definition of a childish act.

    Hopefully, you are in a position to take action and stop this abuse of power. The forum will be better for it.
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