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  • celilo ·
    Other thoughts:
    The OEM tires (Continental VANCOFOURSEASON) were great on nicely paved highways, but wandered a bit on rough roads. The tread pattern seemed to like to track in ruts. It was not too bad, but noticeable. I experiences a pretty significant variation in road conditions on my drive which made for a pretty good test.

    The vehicle barely ever shifted on the highway despite the challenging winds and altitude changes. I can't say that I never felt a gust, but I was amazed at how well the van handled very strong side winds without issue. Way better than my smaller astro van.

    I'm driving to Florida at the end of the week, so I'll have another good test with the wind at my back.

    Sorry for the 3 messages, but I was limited by the software.

    celilo ·
    As for the no park issue, that's really not true. Yes there is no park setting, but you are supposed to turn the vehicle off while in drive and not neutral as many typically do. This has the same effect as putting a manual transmission in first gear before turning it off. You do not have to rely on the parking brake alone!

    I barely noticed the engine noise, but the wind noise and sound from debris within the wheel wells was fairly intrusive. Of course this will be mitigated when I add a floor and walls. I expected an echo chamber until I did a bit of work. I did notice a bit of engine noise today when I the compression of the engine was providing a braking effect, but it was still moderate and I really liked that I didn't have to use my brakes like I would have in my previous vehicle.

    I don't have the swivel seats. (Continued)
    celilo ·
    Hi Alex,

    I am currently in Albuquerque, but purchased my van in Austin TX. I drove it home on Friday. It's 600+ mile trip. I experienced no issues on my drive and averaged about 22-23 mpgs before any break-in. This was in very strong winds with substantial altitude gain; Albuquerque is at nearly 6k ft. I avoided the tornadoes on my drive , though I had a flight cancellation on my way to Austin that resulted in me spending a night on a cot in DFW airport.

    Today I had a light come on for the Electronic throttle control. The light went out as soon as I stopped and restarted the engine. The check engine light came on and went off several restarts later. I'm not really worried, as it seems like these have been resolvable issues and have essentially been false positives. I'll let you know if I have further issues. FYI, mine is a 2014. I have not checked the manufacture date, but it could be one of the earlier models that tended to have a few more issues. (Continued)
    alexmacd ·
    I'm Alex. I live in Portland, and have a deposit down with Sportsmobile. I'm planning to get the 159EXT diesel when the 2016s come out in a month or two. I'd love to hear how yours goes! Concerns include emissions issues on the forums, your take on how noisy the diesel is vs. conversation, and your thoughts on using the ebrake in winter or not (not having park on the diesel transmission).... I hear the swivel seats still aren't delivering, if you ordered those, wow.
    Thanks for whatever light you can shed.
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