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  1. Buy Back Program

    Warranty and Service Issues
    My support case with FCA was worthless. What enabled my buyback was my local dealer realizing a buyback was appropriate for my situation, and he communicated with the regional rep. Though the process was very slow, I am thankful for their help. In defense of my prior post, I cautioned others...
  2. Buy Back Program

    Warranty and Service Issues
    I don't know why you call my situation misleading or suggest anything else. I was very hopeful for this vehicle, and my problems were spread all over the supplier and manufacturing process. I have a hard time believing that bad luck just happens to converge on one van. Faulty tail light...
  3. Water Leak in Cargo Area

    Warranty and Service Issues
    I'm suspicious I have this leak too. I hear a sloshing sound pulling away from a stop only on rainy days. I also had a leaking side cargo door, leaking tail light, and leaking front clearance lights all upon receipt of the new vehicle. It took the body shop to bend the side cargo door...
  4. CR Laurence Window Install

    How-To Forum
    If anyone else has replaced a Promaster window van factory window with a CRL and was able to fit it in the factory hole size, I would love to hear from them. Please send me a message. I'm ready to order a window van, and replace a few windows with the CRL vented version, but it has been...
  5. Not able to fuel up!!!

    Promaster General Discussion Forum
    In answer to the original post, yes, I rented a gas promaster for a week and consistently had a horrible time filling it at the pump. All gas pumps I used constantly clicked off prematurely, even manually at the lowest flow, driving me insane. I really hope they fix this.
  6. Diesel!

    Diesel Promaster Discussion
    I spoke with a local dealer last week who said though you can park the diesel transmission in gear it either "may not" or "will not" hold the vehicle on a hill and the parking brake is required. (I can't remember his exact wording.) Can anyone verify or elaborate on this? Same as any other...