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I stopped at the first I-5 weigh station on my trip back from a vintage micro-car meet in Oregon to check with the CHP. I was not transporting my car for commercial sale, it was fully registered and insured and was not over weight limits. After a 15 minute discussion the sergeant said to not even bother going through any of the state scales - the total weight was barely enough to notice! He gave me his card to show to anybody down the road who had a problem with that.

I think they just want to keep the lanes clear for the big rigs...
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I Have been driving a van for an expedite freight company and early on learned the following re. CDL.
1. A van is CDL if it transports 15 or more people.
2. A van is CDL if it transports 1001 pounds or more of Haz Mat material. or.
3. A van is CDL if it weighs 10001 pounds or more.
Unless on of the above apply, it is not commercial.
I have been to all 50 states and most of Canada and never had a problem .
Everyone goes through AG inspection in CA and FLA.
Hope this helps.
The cop who stopped was ignorant of Federal Law.
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My daughter got pulled over driving into Florida on I-10 because she was “suspiciously” driving too slowly, yet was going well above the minimum speed limit. We were following her in RV and had gotten separated by traffic, so she slowed down just a bit for us to catch up.

Well, a Florida cop in an unmarked car pulled her over into rest area, so we followed them and parked near by. As my wife and I approached to ask what was the problem (she was teenager going to college), the cop got defensive, arrogant, and just generally became an a$$. Initially he demanded we walk away, and even placed his had over his weapon. That really pissed me off, and told him she was our daughter and I was not walking away, period.

He then told us she was driving below the speed limit, which appeared suspicious. He then started asking questions like whether he could search our RV, and if we were carrying guns, etc. It was obvious he was on fishing expedition along with an army of cops looking for drugs and or illegals going into Florida, so I respectfully (as much as I could be at this point) told him to give her a ticket, arrest us, or whatever; or let us go. If there is one thing that makes my blood boil is abuse of power at any level.

Bottom line in the real world is they don’t really need a reason to pull you over, and if you resist in any way whatsoever thinking you have the law on your side, things can escalate very quickly. And you’ll end up screwed whether right or not.
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