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Buying Newish Ram Promaster 2500 159 - NEED advise on warranty, Cilajet and dealers!

I found a vehicle that has some of the things I want and a few of the things I don't but the price is really good. But there are some issues and questions. Hopefully I can draw upon the wealth of previous purchasers here! And I should add that I have had motorcycles in the past but only one pickup truck for a year. I'm a woman from the city and haven't had much need for learning about vehicles so please understand if I ask really dim questions!

My potential purchase is a 2018 Promaster 2500 159 with 300 miles at a RAM dealership.

The van was purchased by someone else w/custom add-ons and then they changed their mind. I'm getting their incentives so I don't think I will be getting any more discounts. I'm not getting the 220 alternator, heat/a/c in the cargo area and I'm not getting the swivel seats. I do get the aluminum wheels, tow package, electric heated/folding mirrors and leather steering wheel cover (ok - I don't care about that). It's never been titled but it's on the books as purchased.

Here's the thing: this dealership has a crappy reputation but the salesman I'm working with is being great. I mean really crappy.

The van still looks great in pics and they had it on the new vehicle floor for months with no buyers. They put a fire sale price on it and I called a day later and put a down payment. I have to fly to pick it up. And did I mention it's a REALLY good deal? I would buy elsewhere if I could match it but so far, there is only laughter from other dealers as they hang up the phone.

Here's what I don't know: should I get the extended warranty? Their dealership offers one and then there's the MOPAR (ram). Dealership is 3750 for 7 years and 100k with 0 deductible. MOPAR directly from MOPAR 7/100k is around $4300 and it has a 100 dollar deductible. This dealership is a RAM dealership so I'm not sure about attaching myself to their warranty with all the negative reviews (rating 2 out of 5).

Also, their asking me about Cilajet to protect the paint (749 but the dealership rep is really bad) and Tire/Rim insurance ($500 for 5 years does not include wear). Do any of you wish you had gotten either of these?

And would you buy from a dealership where most people hate their service? I'm not going to use them for service but I would possibly take the warranty if it won't turn into a nightmare.

THANKS and so glad to be here (my intro never made it onto the site but I'll add some information about myself soon!)
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Dealerships make their money on loans and warranties.

Mine was a low mileage used van, I'm in the factory warranty is good enough camp.

My understanding is you don't have to buy the extended warranty from them if you really want one.

For the warranty starting date the dealer should be able to run your VIN and give you the "in service date" for the van.

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Sorry for the confusion FreeSpireted you are all set, I was a bit confused!

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Skip the paint protection, extra warranties and tire insurance. With Load E tires the rims aren't going to get damaged unless you abuse them, and you can find a whole set of new tires for less than they want for the warranty!

The van comes with a 3 year, 36k mile factory warranty and 5 year 60k powertrain so you'll be covered for a while. If you decide to buy the extended warranty you can do so later and shop around (I've seen much better prices). It's almost always best to wait on buying these types of warranties. Life changes and you might decide that the van's not for you, not end up driving it that much, total it, etc. Either way you'll never recoup the cost on a resale.

Most important (Especially since the dealership doesn't have a stellar reputation) Send a deposit by credit card and get everything in writing before you go to pick it up! Get the salesman to email you a total out the door price and make sure he states that the price includes everything! They know that once you're there they can add stuff, because you need the van to get home!

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Johnny’s comments are great. Don’t get scammed. Have an INVOICE printed as suggested and when you arrive force them to honor it and drive off. If you manage that take a big sigh, buy yourself a nice dinner and when you get home go to the spa, you've earned it!

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RD and Jonny are spot-on. No extras, just the van as agreed.

You are gong to be glad you have the mirrors and leather steering wheel.

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Hi Everyone - Thanks for the all the great advice and help!

I think you're right - I will skip the coating, the extended warranty and tire insurance.

@JohnnyRambles & @RDinNHandAZ - I do have an email stating the out the door price which is basically what they advertised, the dealer cost of $300.00 and if I choose not to register in advance, the 60 day temp plate (24.00). The deposit was a credit card. I'll recheck that it says "includes everything". So thank you - this adds a layer of confidence.

The reason I was looking for an extended warranty is because it was a criteria for me when buying a used Ram (which I gave up on after reading all the reports on the vehicles: 6 owners and 45k? Lemon? Accidents? Yikes!). I have very little experience with vehicles and I wanted the safety net. I feel pretty nervous about this giant leap in lifestyle but I'm also pretty committed.

And I looked up sets of wheels and can get all 4 for 300.00 locally. They're the steel rims but basically new tires. There are some cheaper but not local. And I may find them cheaper over time.

Spa sounds nice. I think I'm adding a sauna to my van so I'll have many spa days. It's currently a wish, not a plan.

@keeponvaning - no worries! Thanks for looking out for us newbies - it helps.
@MsNomer - thanks. I forgot - I also have the cruise control for which I'm very pleased. In terms of the steering wheel - thanks - without experience it seemed extraneous. The mirrors were a must have!
@phil - thank you! I think I will pass on the extended warranty for now. My van has 2.25 years left on the factory warranty. But if I can buy later, that solves a lot of issues.

I did hear that if you get the dealer warranty and are using the vehicle as a non-commercial owner, the dealerships can refuse service. And I was told it DOES happen so if I change my mind and get the warranty, I will shop around.

More questions soon!

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