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Good observation!

2014, High Top/159 WB, 2500 gas Promaster camping conversion. https://www.promasterforum.com/forum...ad.php?t=43121
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I'd have to agree that the PM driving position and seat is great on long drives and I don't mind not having an armrest on my left side since the one on the right is so adjustable. In fact, I've found that the space between the window and the steering wheel is a perfect place for my leg, sans shoe.
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OK, I have a PMC but I'll chime in here because I'm hearing some similar rhetoric about seating and comfort. I am 5"8.5 and find the seat is in a good spot. I drove it 1000 miles out the door with no aches/pains. As for the spacing between door and seat, I happen to LOVE it...I drive with my left leg propped up quite often (judge away, it's the way to go), and honestly I can almost get a nice cozy stretch in. It's not cramped like with my Honda Accord or Jeep Liberty. I do wish I could adjust the seats more easily, but the whole lumbar support thing is quite nice.

I drove the FTC when I was looking and I hated the giant useless space between the windshield and steering wheel. From a person coming from a "hoopdie-only" background (except the Jeep Liberty....loved that thing, but it was used too), a new car drives awesome almost no matter what....I may not have the palate for it though.

All in all, I liked the PMC better, which is why I chose it. But let me say again...prop the leg, highly recommended.
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I like the PM seats (have the manual 6 way adjust), i'm 6'1", so it wouldn't have hurt my feelings if the seats were mounted lower and could use the adjustment to get higher, soley for the fact that i feel a little crowded in the head space and looking out the top of the windshield. But, i did notice after the 2 hour drive home from buying our PM my ankle wasn't locked up like it does in my Nissan Titan.

We never drove the Nissan NV, we had to make the call that any short box was going to be a sacrifice in space that we would regret years later. The last two trucks i have owned were Nissans (Frontier 04 and Titan 05). I have high regard for Nissans attention to the controls and details, intelligent transmissions and good engines. The headlight and wiper controls in a nissan just feel so much better, not flimsy at all. If the NV had a bigger box, even if it was jsut wider like the PM, i would have test drove it to see if it held the same standard as i have come to expect from my other two trucks.

I only had the chance to test drive a short wheel base- 2017 Transit- tall roof, i did walk into the medium roof transit and walked right back out, couldn't stand up straight and whats the point in buying a tall van if you can't stand up in it.
I did like the transit better for smoothness of acceleration and handling, also the mirror placement and style i like better for two reasons: the bubble mirror is larger makes it nicer to use, and the passenger mirror placement was perfect for me i could see the whole mirror, in my PM about a 1/4 of the bubble mirror is obscured by the door frame.
The Tranist also had a higher quality back up camera, and i seem to prefer having the screen in the review mirror than the dash, but i'll get used to it.
Where the seats in the Trasit are placed also have you looking out the middle of the windshield, you have more head room while driving which gives a nice feel.

All in all though, the extra width of the PM won out dimensionally over the Transits few extra inches in height, much more effective for conversion. Also price and availability. If we went Transit we would have to buy used to get the cost down to budget, which means taking some miles on the rig, but but even that, it seems most the used transits on the market here in Oregon were the low or medium roofs, high roofs were hard to find.

2018 Ram Promaster 159 wb - converting to an "off grid" camper/work rig for our family of 4.
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One of my buisness accounts is a ford store. I was laughing and talking to a ford tech about pulling the axel apart just to do rear discs. As he was pulling the rear axel apart he told me it was the second transit rear differential he was fixing that morning. Seems all of them blow up because they were assembled with the wrong clearances.
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Rich Maund
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I really liked the Transit when it came out and thought the dash was nicer then the PMs. But we owned two Fords and I was used to their systems. Loved the Transit's power. My wife's Fusion is an ecoboost and we're fans of it. But the dealer was REALLY proud of his Transits and the prices were out of my reach.

The local Ram dealer gave me a crazy test drive telling to beat on it hard and speed over bumps just to see how well the suspension and brakes worked. Made me cringe as a mechanic, but I did it a bit as he asked. Wound up loving the PM to drive best. But he had crazy prices and claimed no discounts available. I got on line and found a dealer in NC with a left over 14 PM very close to what I would want and he took $7k off the sticker in discounts as it had right at 500 miles on it. He got my business as it was a good deal and turned out to be a good vehicle. They gave me a good trade on my 08 E350. The PM was a joy to drive the 120 miles home. The Ram dealer I didn't buy from locally does have excellent service luckily. Had to use it a few times under warranty. Turned out the dealer I did buy from had screwed up the paperwork badly and after 30 days, they FedEx'd me the whole pile to sort it out myself with the Va DMV. That took over two hours there to fix! Great price, but a nightmare to process! I wouldn't go back there. (East Carolina Dodge/Ram in Greenville)

I looked at a NV when it came out. Didn't like it. Had less leg room than even my E350 had! Didn't like all the nooks and crannies pre crammed with generic storage bins. The pick up truck front end turned me off. The PM was more KISS in the interior and I have developed the storage I need over time just fine.

Come end of Summer I have had my PM 4 years. No regrets. Have another long trip in it to see family coming up. Looking forwards to it! I love taking it out on long road trips!

If something ever happened to my PM I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Really grown to like it over the years.

The senior member formerly known as Sidecarnutz.
2014 PM 1500 HT gasser bought new with 500 demo miles on it in Sept. of 15.
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