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Originally Posted by RDinNHandAZ View Post
Without the codes I am guessing and even with them I would be but it would be a better guess. Those symptoms have been posted up here and the eventual fix (IIRC) was a bunch of new wiring due to DEF corroding the wiring harness near the DEF injector. Bad/impure DEF could cause this or a contaminant in the tank. I am assuming the following: you have the most recent ECU update, the DEF has been topped up from a good source (some reports that “BlueDEF” has shown problems, but I doubt it), OR the DEF tank has been cleaned and refilled and the codes reset after a test run. I can’t recall these codes being fixed by replacing other parts although a few ‘14s got new DEF injector/pump. Certainly the catalytic converter would not be suspect from what you say, but without the codes??????
Thanks RDinNHandAZ for the suggestions. I asked the dealer for the codes and they said they'd send them over, but have not gotten back to me yet. I'll post here when they do.

For the third or fourth time they've called and told me it *might* be ready by end of day, and yet again I've gotten no response from them. Once I get those codes I'm going to take them to the dealer I purchased it from and see if they can help in the process or compensate me in some way.
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Reminds me of this article today:

Blaming the decline of gasoline's energy content on ethanol blending requirements. Interesting.

To be clear, it’s not a huge decline in energy content. It’s about 4% across the national gasoline pool (~140 billion gallons per year), and it is masked somewhat by the rising fuel economy standards of automobiles.
Falling energy content in gasoline has a couple of implications. One is that most vehicles will now require more gasoline to travel the same distance. In other words, fuel efficiency will have declined along with gasoline’s energy content.
Is it the same or nearly the same for diesel? Then add in this DEF issue everyone 'loves' so much.
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Originally Posted by gdpetti View Post
Is it the same or nearly the same for diesel? Then add in this DEF issue everyone 'loves' so much.
Not so much:
1) Biodiesel is much less common than gasohol.
2) When it is used, the "bio" part of biodiesel is actually still chemically similar to petrodiesel, it was just derived from plant oils and then esterified.
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I do love the DEF. No diesel exhaust smell, soot, less CO^2 than gasoline. It is a winner.

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