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Dealer lied to me. Recourse?

I bought a diesel PM from an out-of-state dealer a few weeks ago.

Overall I'm happy with it.

But the dealer did not disclose several pertinent details in their advertising -- details that would have caused me to negotiate a much lower price had I known about them in advance. Like significant damage (dents, scuffs, scratches on the interior, cracked plastic interior panels) that was emphatically not photographed or disclosed.

I flew to this dealer to pick it up and drive it home. We had pre-agreed on a price before I even bought the plane ticket.

My flight was delayed not once but twice, such that once I was there I was pressed for time and didn't really notice the damage -- just did a cursory glance in the cargo area before heading inside to sign the paperwork.

Once I was en route home I noticed the extent of the damage. Immediately upon arriving home I emailed the dealer and asked them how the damage happened, and how they planned to compensate me.

They acknowledged the damage and offered an explanation for how it happened. It was nice of them to come clean. Then they offered me 2 free oil changes as 'compensation'.

I found that offer offensive and said as much. Their failure to disclose the actual condition of the van is akin to fraud. After 2+ weeks of back and forth they haven't increased their offer, and at this point they have stopped responding.

I want to go over their heads to get some satisfaction.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with contact info, etc...? Regional rep, or that sort of thing?

Any help appreciated.


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Call RAM customer assistance @ 866-726-4636. I'd inquire with the small claims judiciary system in the state you made the purchase, find what filing a claim would cost then get an adjuster to calculate the cost of repairs and file if RAM doesn't move them along. Document everything with notes of the calls, times, failure to respond, your request(s), and be reasonable, exorbitant claims often signal an insincere claimant.
Goo luck.

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Thanks. Called RAM to start a case.

All communications with the selling dealer have been via email (in writing) thus far. Including where they admitted they knew the damage was done, but didn't bother to inform me of it before selling the vehicle.
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Time to get friendly with the local dealer 's service dept! If you're servicing closer to home, I would think that they will be your point of solution. The damaged parts will probably be replaced under warranty.

I bought my van in VT but I live in CT.... my local dealer has been a good friend with all sorts of recall stuff, a loaner, etc.

Enjoy your new van!

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I know exactly how it got damaged. These dealers take the vans home to haul personal crap.

I had dealer pull van I wanted to drive from his remote lot off site. Salesman went and got it. I jumped it for test drive and van was full of furniture. I refused to drive it and never went back to dealer.

So then I made deal with dealer in another state. I drove up to get van and it was beat to crap. They had been hauling personal junk in it. Since I was so far from home, I told dealer to go get my 2nd choice. I drove up knowing they had 2 vans in inventory that worked for me. Turned out my 2nd choice was at another dealer. They had multiple locations and web inventory made it look like all vans were at this one. I made them drive 50 miles and go get it. I waited.

Ended up with great van.
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I have a 2015 which I factory ordered. Yes I waited almost 6 months but I received a new van with only a few miles on the clock. I think it unwise to purchase any vehicle with more than a few miles on it. I recently helped my ex buy a new car that came from dealer inventory where it had been for a couple of months. It had only 20 miles on it that represented a couple of test drives. Any more than 50 is a no-no.
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I bought my van with 1600 km on it. Dealer,said it had been used to move furniture locally; and had a couple of small dings too. This must be common as a few I looked into we're being used for 'parts delivery' duty.

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Old saying, Let the buyer beware.
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