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Shelving/Storage Options for the Ram ProMaster
Mar 27, 2014 - 11:24 AM - by Sweet Tooth
I've been looking at different shelving options for the ProMaster, but the options are a bit overwhelming. I'm not sure which system works best. Here are the brands that I have been looking into.

Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel makes shelving units that are 32", 44", and 50" wide. Not sure what the price is on them though. According to their website the shelving platform "can be easily adjusted in one-inch increments and provides the most flexible shelving solution available to accommodate a range of cargo sizes." They also offer a range of cabinet and drawer modules.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters

This company seems to sell shelving in packages. I unfortunately can't post pictures since all the info is in a pdf file on their website. This option seems to be complete, but leaves less room for customization. One of the things that I like about this companies offering is that they have a fold away shelving unit. That could be useful for when you want to use more cargo space. Don't want those shelves to get in the way. I again see no standard pricing.


Kargo Master

The last brand I was looking at is Kargo Master. This brand seems to have pretty versatile shelves. You can put in drawers, or bins to organize things. I'm pretty sure that all the components on the site that can be fitted into the Sprinter can also be put into the ProMaster. This shelving unit looks great, but the website only says that it is for the Sprinter, so I guess I'd have to phone and ask if it will be okay for the ProMaster too.

So thats the research I've done so far. Any advice, opinions, or personal experience that you have would be much appreciated.
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Promaster 3500 ext likes and dislikes
Mar 16, 2014 - 5:04 PM - by Pro3500
2014 Promaster 3500 ext. I bought this too lease on with FedEx custom critical. I’m looking at putting around 75 to 80 thousand a year on it. I bought the extended because it allows a 4’ bunk area and still have the 8’6” that FedEx wants on the floor. The stand up room in it is another factor on my decision. The price was right on to that of a Chevy Express. There are some things that I can see bugging me on it however. They missed the comfy seat thing by a mile. I'm 56 years old 6'1" owned allot of vehicles in my day. This is absolutely the worst seat I have ever had in a vehicle and I had a Datsun B-210. The position of it is wrong, the "infinite adjustability they claim is a lie" The wife road in it for 15 miles and said no way would she ride in it much more than that unless she really had to. The seat back does not move from the seat bottom. The angle from the bottom to the back is set at the factory no recline. My lower legs are almost vertical in order to keep some bend in my arms at 10 and 2. If I drop the seat in the front to remove pressure from under my legs and bend my arms the back then becomes almost completely vertical and push’s me constantly forward. Dodge spent absolutely 0 time on the seat. Place your legs vertical with your feet flat on the floor and try to push the gas pedal. Then think about that for 300 miles a day. The seats are very cheap off the shelf crap. I like allot of things about the van but the seats are horrid and the only thing I really hate about it. There are the cup holders they brag about. They’re on the floor! The seat puts you in the roof, your coffee is on the floor now get on the highway with traffic and try to get your coffee. It’s eyes off the road lean forward so you can reach the floor from the sky high seat. It’s almost easier to just hold the coffee until it’s gone. The cup holder on the passenger side is easier to reach however. You can’t put a very tall cup in it because it leans towards the back of the van it doesn’t have a flat bottom in it. Small or medium to go cup is about it. When you step on the gas the cup falls out onto the floor. Bringing that cup holder out away from the dash 3/8’ and make the bottom flat now it works! Raise the cup holder up off the floor. The center cup holders raised up with a compartment under them that opens then one could put a clip board or paper work in there it would be a better use of the space. Look at the express it works. At less than 200 miles a brake started to squeal, now with 600 on it I have at least two squealing. I have a low tire light on and all the tires have 60 psi in them. I try to keep in mind it’s a cheap knock off of the more advanced and very expensive sprinter but some things are just completely over looked by Dodge. The clip board on the dash looks likes a good idea but with seat height and position of the clip board it’s not real practical and hard to reach. I like the way it drives, it feels very stable under you. It brakes very well, turns tight and for a 3500 it rides empty very well. I like the styling inside and out. It was the look of the van on the outside that got me to go look at one. The side windows seem small but do to the ride height in the seat I am at the top of the window. When I lower the seat that may get better. The power seems very good for a 6 cylinder and shifts very smooth. I’d like a turbo option for it though I think that would make the perfect engine for it. I’m getting a little over 17 driving it mixed highway and city. My hope is when it goes over the road that my highway mpg will go into the high 18 area. Grab handles on the windshield pillar would be awesome. The grab handle on the roof that’s almost 7’ off the ground and at the rear of the door opening is a waste of the time it takes to install them and very awkward to use. One on the window pillar would be much better. I’m having issues with the gas pedal as well. When I step on the gas from a stand still it seems like the pedal goes down ” inch before I get throttle. When the... [Read More]
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Geneva Motor Show Preview
Feb 28, 2014 - 4:18 PM - by
<span lang="EN-CA">Geneva Motor Show Coverage</span>

Keep your eye on the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, where we'll see plenty of exotics including the McLaren 650S and Koenigsegg One:1. Also expect to see other new cars like the Lexus NX, Audi TT, BMW X4 and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Coverage starts on March 4, so be sure to stop by.

More: Geneva Motor Show Coverage on
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Diesel vs Gasoline
Jan 24, 2014 - 11:21 AM - by randy
As diesel mills leap forward into the modern era lets take al ook at this classic debate. I want to preface this by saying my knowledge is rudimentary compared to many of you on he boards so there may be a few open ends you can help tie up...


Conventionally petrol produces more horsepower and diesels produce more twist. This all comes down to use cases. Does your Promaster spend the majority of time around town where a quicker start off the line would be valued. However thats for an unloaded vehicle.

If capacity and force are needed in your repertoire (for most i think so!) then diesel should be your avenue. higher compression ratios needed to ignite diesel means peak power and torque come lower down in the rev band.


One gallon of diesel contains 147,000 BTU's of energy while petrol only carries 125,000 BTU's. So more gasoline is needed to equal the output of diesel.

But where i always get hung up is on additional costs. If gasoline will go the job is there a point in putting up the additional premium required to equip a diesel, maintain a diesel and pay the higher fuel costs per gallon? And how does this all relate back to towing?

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